Eye Examinations

Every eye examination includes a thorough assessment of both your vision and your eye health. We are committed to providing the highest quality of eye care and offer digital retinal photography as a standard part of all eye tests.


Foreign Body Removal:

Small high speed projectiles can embed in the cornea, particulalry whilst grinding and sanding metal. It is important to remove the particle early before it rusts or causes inflammation and scarring.
The first investigation should be with the optometrist for removal. We are the best equipped to investigate and remove the particles, or refer to a surgeon if nescessary.

Eye Infections:

Therapeutically qualified optometrists are able to treat anterior eye disease with antibiotics and steroids when necessary. Optometrists are best qualified to determine the need for treatment
and to asses the need for further referral to an eye surgeon.

10 Reasons for an Eye Examination:

  • Most eye disease have no symptoms?
  • Family History – Many eye conditions are genetically linked
  • Systemic Disease Affects The Eye – Hypertension, diabetes and chronic diseases often damage the circulation of the eye
  • Prevention is Better Than Cure – Eye disease damage can be permanent. Fortunately many conditions can be prevented if detected an early stage.
  • Environmental Concerns – Environmental conditions such as computer use, UV exposure and smoking can all play a role in affecting the human eye and vision system.
  • Vision Is Our Most Important Learning Sense – A child’slearning is 80% visual. Therefore it is highly recommended that all children be seen before 4 years of age to rule ou6t any ocular development problems at an early stage
  • Prescription Drugs Can Affect Your Eyes – Many drugs can cause side effects or discomfort to the eyes thereby necessitating regular ocular monitoring
  • Contact Lens Wearers – Contact Lenses can cause subtle changes to the cornea. Contact lenses should be inspected on a regular basis to determine their integrity and wearing safety.
  • Previous Surgical Patients – Patients who have had Cataract, Retinal or Laser Correction surgery require close monitoring for future changes to the eye tissue
  • Maintain Clear, Comfortable and Efficient Vision – The human eye is a finely tuned instrument, a ‘wonder of nature’ that requires expert attention on a regular basis