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Patient Care

We are committed to providing exceptional patient care.

We offer an extensive range of services in all facets of Optometric care. The latest technology in Digital Retinal Imaging and Glaucoma Testing are used to ensure a comprehensive examination of both the patients’ vision and eye health.

All eye conditions including Cataracts, Glaucoma and Diabetic retinopathy are screened for as part of a standard eye examination.

We are able to provide you with both spectacles and contact lenses; offering an extensive selection of the latest frames and lenses available.




Eye Examinations

Every eye examination includes a thorough assessment of both your vision and your eye health. We are committed to providing the highest quality of eye care with a wide range of sophisticated eye tests.

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Digital Retinal Photography

We offer the very latest technology in digital retinal imaging to detect the earliest signs of eye disease. The procedure is painless and designed to keep patient comfort a priority.

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Glaucoma Testing

We are committed to a lifetime of healthy vision by providing advanced eye disease detection. To help diagnose vision threatening problems such as glaucoma as early as possible, we utilize the Medmont visual field testing equipment, pachymetry and rebound tonometry.

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Cataract Assessment & Specialist Referrals

Cataracts are a clouding of the lens in the eye. The first signs are an increase in glare sensitivity and a general reduction in the clarity of vision.

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Diabetic Eye Examinations

Diabetes is one of the most common diseases in older Australians. It can show up by causing Cataracts or by leading to blood vessel problems at the back of the eye.

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Contact Lenses

There are many varieties of contact lenses including disposables, daily wear, monthly wear, permanent and coloured cosmetic lenses. Our knowledgeable staff can discuss the range of options available for you.

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Behavioural Optometry

Good vision is essential for a child to reach their full potential. More than 80% of a child’s knowledge is gained through vision so should your child be experiencing difficulties in the class room, talk to us about having an assessment of their visual processing.

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Children Optometry

The first eye examination can be performed at 6 months. The reason for this examination is to detect any eye health or visual problem that would affect the normal development of the visual system.

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Prescription Lenses

Glasses for reading, driving, or the computer? – Bifocals, Multifocals or prescription sunglasses – The list goes on!
Here you will find examples of the many different solutions for you.

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Spectacles & Sunglasses

Whatever your priority when choosing glasses, our experienced staff will provide one to one service, offering advice according to your prescription, face shape, colouring and lifestyle.

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Frame Repair & Adjustments

We aim to provide you with exceptional follow up service. This includes courtesy calls, frame cleaning and adjustments and upholding all guarantees and warranties.

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Eye Disease Diagnosis & Management

During an examination all our patients are screened for eye diseases. Some of the most common problems include Cataracts, Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration and Diabetic related conditions. We offer the latest technology, in digital retinal imaging and Visual Field Evaluation, to help detect vision threatening problems as early as possible.