We stock a large range of quality frames from brands like, Gucci, Trussardi, Calvin Klein, Guess, Chloe, Hugo Boss, Nike, Ted Baker, Adidas, Flexon, Columbia, Oakley, Kenzo, Dior, and many more…

Ladies Metal:

Classic and stylish for those women who like to look elegant and feminine. Because of their ability to be adjusted they are the frames of choice for those ladies with high cheekbones or low bridges.

Ladies Plastics:

Suitable for those ladies who are looking for a frame with some colour to give them a lift or make a statement. Also very suitable for those ladies that find nose pads uncomfortable.

Nylon-Rim Frames:

These frames give a less noticeable look to wearing frames and are extremely light weight. Less frame creates for the patient, less restriction to the peripherial vision by having less frame to notice. Available in metal and plastic materials.


The ultimate in light weight and stylish frames so that the frames do not dominate your face. It is our policy to recommend the use of polycarbonate lenses with these frames to make them extremely durable, lightweight & thinner.

Men’s Metal:

From the traditional double bar to the light weight smaller styles these frames provide both strength and style to the discerning man.  These frames are suitable to be used for everything from simple reading glasses to state of the art photochromatic progressive lenses.

Men’s Plastics:

These frames are suitable for those men looking for more colour in their frames. They also come in thicker styles for those looking for a very robust frame and because they come without nose pads they spread the weight across the whole nose bridge.

Childrens Frames:

These frames come in all the latest styles and colours so that you child will want to wear their glasses, as we realise how important it is to have your child wanting to wear their glasses.